• Announcement: 2021 Summer Registration for residents and non-residents is currently being accepted!

We will be offering a new remote child care option for families needing care on their students’ remote days (days they are not physically in school). This program is only for Oak Lawn-Hometown District 123 and Ridgeland District 122 students. Please note these remote days will take place at Oak Lawn Park District facilities. We do have the right to cancel a site if there is not enough enrollment.

Students will work on their learning packets from their teachers at our remote sites with the help of our staff. However, please be aware that our staff members are NOT educators. We will do everything we can to offer help with their school work. We advise checking your child’s work for completion/correct work daily. We are also not responsible for electronics. 


District 122 & District 123 Remote Program Options
Full Day Care: (8:15am-3:15pm): $32/day
ADD AM Care: (7:00am-3:15pm): $40/day
ADD PM Care: (8:15am-6:30pm): $48/day
ADD AM & PM Care: (7:00am-6:30pm): $55/day

*Multiple child discount is 10% off.
*Please download the Remind App (blue background with cloud icon) as we will utilize this as our communication tool.
D123 Remote Remind Code: @d123 remote
D122 Remote Remind Code: @d122remote


In order to keep everyone safe we ask that program participants be able to follow these guidelines in order to enter the OLPD FLASH remote program during this time.

• Participants must be able to independently provide personal self-care such as bath rooming, handwashing, eating, and personal hygiene.
• Participants must be able to practice physical distancing with verbal and visual reminders.
• Participants will need to be able to refrain from outburst and physically aggressive behaviors such as biting, spitting, scratching, hitting, kicking etc.
• Participants must be able to independently put on and wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible.
• Participants must be able to stay near the group and not run or wander away.
• Participants must be able to comply with verbal and visual instructions.
• Participants must be able to be responsible for personal items with verbal/visual prompts and reminders.

Failure to follow these requirements will result in removal from the program due to the current mandates, CDC guidelines and local health department guidance. 

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