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Community Garden

In 2016 the Oak Lawn Park District partnered with SD123 and the Village of Oak Lawn to build a community garden in Oak Lawn. This enclosed,  ½ acre plot is run by the Park District and the School District, and has onsite water spigots. The garden is actually 2 gardens in one.

  1. The Allotment section provides beds for the public to rent and grow their own vegetables or cut flowers
    In 2017, after our next build day, the allotment garden will have 23 allotment plots (4x10)  and 5 XL plots (4x16). The garden also features a large common herb garden provided by the garden managers. The herbs are free to all members to use. 

  2. The Pantry Garden is run by volunteers and the goal is to grow vegetables and donate the produce to the local food pantries.  In the first year of the garden, OLCG donated 350 lbs. of produce.
    After our next build day, in 2017, there will be 29 beds to grow vegetables and share with the community.

    The garden has a pollinator garden and will feature a no-mow lawn in between the growing beds.

    In 2017, the first shed was be built.

    The common areas of the garden are cared for by the renters and volunteers.
    If you would like to …
    Join the community garden
    Visit the Oak Lawn Community Garden
    Become a volunteer in the pantry garden
    Make a donation to support the garden… 
    Rent an allotment

    Please Contact:
    Oak Lawn Park District - Oak View Center, 4625 W. 110th St
    (708) 857-2200

    For more information: Dolly Foster: 857-2201


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