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Gymnastics Parties

Fun is the theme for Pirouettes Gymnastics Birthday Parties! Kids love our obstacle course, gymnastics equipment, Tumble Tramp, and Foam Pit.  Party includes one hour of gymnastics instruction and games, followed by 45 minutes in our party room for treats (provided by you). Children should wear gym clothes. Reserve your party by emailing gymparty@olparks.com


  • $225 per 15 children ($15 for each additional child up to 25)

Party Options: 

  • Gymnastics: 4-12 years
  • Gym Ninjas: 5-12 years

Party Structure:

Gymnastics Staff will lead guests through one hour of activities in the gym such as obstacle courses, rings and ropes, tumble trak, parachute, and the pit followed by forty-five minutes in a party room. These times are the maximum time available; gym and/or party room time can’t be extended. Staff cannot allow open gym or free time; this is to provide the safest atmosphere for your child and guests.

How do I book a birthday party?

After viewing party availability online, Viewable Gym Party Availability Link please email gymparty@olparks.com to book your party. The supervisor will email you back to confirm your request and send you a transaction receipt for your booking. You must complete the party form and place a non-refundable deposit of $225 to officially book your date and time.  Deposit and party forms must be submitted within 24 hours of booking the party.  You can log on to your household account at www.olparks.com or call the facility to pay the balance due for your party. The deposit will be applied to the balance of the party on the day of the party.   

Party rooms are brightly decorated so there is no need for you to decorate for your party.  Our suggestion is for you to serve cupcakes and juice boxes/water to your guests in the party room. If you decide to provide other food for your guests, food should arrive 15 minutes before the children return to the party room.  You are welcome to bring balloons, plates, and napkins.   


Parents and or guardians of party guests can observe party activities from one of the following observation areas: balcony, front lobby, or cubby areas. Racquet Center Gym Parties are not a venue to host your family party due to the structure and schedule of our party program. Party Rooms are assigned to accommodate the number of children expected. 

Viewable Gym Party Availability Link
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