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Nature Programs

image001Get Back in Touch with Nature

Children are spending more time than ever indoors playing video games, watching television and surfing the Internet, causing them to slowly lose touch with nature. They're much more likely to be spending their time racking up virtual knowledge from electronic sources. That's unfortunate, because they're missing out on a lot -- including improved physical, psychological, social and spiritual development.

Did you know…

  • Playing outside reduces anxiety in children, enables them to release excess energy that can lead to disruptive behavior, and gets their creative juices flowing.
  • Outdoor play is a great form of physical exercise for children and it also helps them rest better during the night.
  • When children spend time bonding with nature they grow a deep found respect for the earth and all the life it sustains.
  • Research suggests that activities encouraged in the naturalized playground -- such as gardening or nature-watching -- are more likely to be carried over into adult life and can be helpful in the fight against obesity.
  • Studies show that just being exposed to views of green grass or trees can improve memory, concentration and grades.
  • Kids with ADHD appear to do better at focused activities such as homework after spending time in parks or other natural settings, according to Frances Kuo, the director of the University of Illinois landscape and human health laboratory in Urbana, Ill.
  • Nature also seems to soothe the psyche and ease tensions, paving the way for improved communication and closer bonding with others.

Our Nature programs are a fun way to make nature a part of your family's life.