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Keep An Eagle Eye on Your Parks!

With everyone watching, vandalism and criminal activity won't stand a chance!
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SEEMOREThe Oak Lawn Park District needs your help! With the recent increase in park vandalism we need you, our residents, to help Seemore keep an Eagle Eye on your neighborhood parks and become part of the Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watch Program.

The Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watch Program is an effort to prevent crime and vandalism to playground and park equipment, to alleviate suspicious activities in parks, and to promote public awareness for parks, recreation and conservation agencies.

This program encourages community residents to assume more responsibility for the activities taking place in their own neighborhood. Residents keep watch over neighborhood parks to help make them a safe haven for youth.

Crime & Vandalism
  • Acts of vandalism have increased
  • Gang membership and drug use are on the rise
  • Youth crime rates have skyrocketed
The Eagle Eye Neighborhood Park Watch Program brings communities together to prevent crime through a unified effort to "Keep an Eagle Eye on Your Parks."

If you see suspicious activity taking place at your park, please call the Oak Lawn Police Department.

If vandalism has occurred at you park, please call the Oak Lawn Park District Maintenance Department at 708-857-2201.