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All Inclusive Playground Project

Give the Gift of Play so ALL Children
Can Play Together

Inclusive Playground

The Oak Lawn Park District’s Mission is to promote a strong sense of community by providing leisure opportunities and the preservation of natural resources that enhances the quality of life and wellness for everyone. One of many goals is to make our district more available to people of all abilities and needs. Oak Lawn is a population of close to 57,000. All but one of our 23 playgrounds is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible. However, there is a big difference between something that is ADA compliant and what is considered truly inclusive for people with all types of abilities and challenges.

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The Oak Lawn Park District was a recent recipient of a playground matching grant through Illinois Park and Recreation Association, Playcore and their affiliated GameTime and Cunningham Recreation. The grant will be used for an All Inclusive Playground project at our Columbus Manor Park, 99th & Moody Ave

It will be one of the first inclusive playgrounds
in the state of Illinois!

An inclusive playground will help us to continue our mission of enhancing recreational opportunities, not only for people with disabilities, but for the entire community.

For the inclusive playground to be as successful as possible, we are looking for the generous support from businesses, like yours, who understand the benefits our Park District has on the community’s quality of life. 

The Oak Lawn Park District's 
All Inclusive Playground will
a destination playground
for people of 
all ages and abilities. 

State of the Art 
features will include: 
• Sensory Wave Climber
• Merry Go ALL
• Shadow Play
• Biggo Swing
• Rocking Raft
• Music Section
• Net Climber
• Bay of Swings
• Benches
• Slides
 Inclusive Playground2   Inclusive Playground3 

Recreation Club $150,000 + Friend of Play Club Benefits plus:
  • Naming on Playground Sign
  • Private reception before Playground opens. Number of guests and date to be discussed
  • Honorable Mention during every press and promotional event
Friend of Play Club $100,000 + Play Advocate Club Benefits plus:
  • Half Page ad in seasonal program guide (28,000 copies ordered)
Play Advocate Club $50,000 + Monarch Butterfly Club Benefits plus:
  • Name/logo permanently placed on Sponsor Sign
  • Name listed season program guide (28,000 copies ordered)
Monarch Butterfly Club $5,000 + Honeybee Club Benefits plus:
  • Name and Logo recognition on Sponsor page plus link to your homepage on the OLPD website
Honeybee Club $1,000
  • Name recognition on Oak Lawn Park District Website Sponsor page

contact Tracey GallikThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for current availability 

  • All sponsors will receive an invitation to Grand Opening Ceremony,
    name listed in Grand Opening Ceremony promotional materials, 
    and name on Oak Lawn Park District website.

  • $2,500 and up will have name permanently placed on Sponsor Sign.

  • $20,000 & $25,000 Sponsor : Opportunity to address the crowd during
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Flyers/Posters. Social Media. Name and
    Logo recognition on Sponsor page plus link to your homepage on 
    the Oak Lawn Park District website

  • $10,000 - $15,000 Sponsor: Flyers/Posters. Social Media. 
    Name and Logo recognition on Sponsor page plus link to your homepage on the 
    Oak Lawn Park District website
  • $2,500 & $3,000 Sponsor: Name and Logo recognition on Oak Lawn Park District website Sponsor page

Please note that the equipment sponsorship is on a first come, first serve basis.
Pledges are permitted but terms must be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Total Equipment Sponsorship: $144,000 
Bay of Swings $25,000 product
Net Climber $20,000 product
Music Section $20,000 product 1
product 2
Rocking Raft $15,000 product The Oak Lawn Parks Foundation
Biggo Swing $15,000 product
Shadow Play $10,000 product
Merry-Go-All $10,000 product - Special Recreation Athletic Support Association (SRASA)
Sensory Wave Climber $10,000 product - The Oak Lawn Parks Foundation
Slides (1 Available) $3,000 product 1 First Midwest Bank
product 2
product 3 Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce
Benches (2 Available) $2,500 product 1
product 2 - Jim and Joann Buschbach 
product 3
product 4
 - In Recognition of Gavin Gory
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Advocate Health Care 
"In Recognition of Gavin Gory" -  Music Bench Sponsor
Speer Financial 
Jim and Joann Buschbach -  Leaf Bench Sponsor
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The Oak Lawn Parks Foundation
Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce
Special Recreation Athletic Support Association (SRASA)
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