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Families with more than one child in the program will receive a 10% tuition discount
for any child after the first enrolled in the program. This discount is applicable to
siblings only and not to cousins, etc.


The payment schedules and breakdowns listed below are the most accurate for families who began the program at the beginning of the school year. Families beginning the program after the start of the school year will be given a prorated cost.


Direct Debit Plan
The Direct Debit option allows us to automatically withdraw your monthly tuition from your credit/debit account. Direct Debit is our ONLY payment option at this time. We have two payment plan choices which can be found below.

- Option one is to have the month’s payment withdrawn on the 1st of the month. 
- Option two is to have the month’s payment split into two payments, one being on the 1st and one being on the 15th of the month. 

Please keep in mind that The Oak Lawn Park District only accepts Visa or Mastercard. You sign up for the Direct Debit Plan by completing the paperwork in The FLASH Registration Packet. Forms are also available as downloadable PDF's.

Pay By Cash/Check
When set up for the Pay On Your Own Plan, parents will be responsible for turning in their monthly tuition payments by the due date each month. Payments can be turned in to your site director (they will issue a written receipt), or they can be made at the front desk at The Community Pavilion.


For parents with an unpredictable schedule we now offer prepaid Punch Cards. If you do not know when or how often you will need FLASH you may purchase a punch card instead of committing to a schedule. When your child attends FLASH the card is punched and when your run out of days you are required to purchase another card before your child can return. Parents MUST alert the FLASH staff and their child's school when their child will be attending the program. Punch Cards can be purchase from your child's site director. FLASH REQUIRES 48 HOURS NOTICE WHENEVER YOUR CHILD WILL ATTEND THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. Punch Cards can be purchased from the site director at your child's site.

Punch Card Fees
Number of Days Before or After Cost

5 Before School $50
10 Before School $100
5  After School $85
10 After School $170

PUNCH CARDS WILL NOT BE OFFERED AS AN OPTION FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. With the new schedules, we are unable to offer convenience drop in attendance. Thank you for your understanding.

D123 Rates
$9 per Morning
$16 per Afternoon
$19 Morning & Afternoon
(Please see remote tab for pricing for remote days)

D122 Rates
$9 per Morning
$12 per Afternoon (1:05-3:30pm)
$28 per Afternoon (1:05-6:30pm)
$21 per day for AM  and 1:05-3:30pm
$37 per day for AM  and 1:05-6:30pm
(Please see remote tab for pricing for remote days)

*Multiple child discount is 10% off.

Your monthly payments are based on your schedule and school days. For D122 and D123, please be aware that your child’s school days are based on the new hybrid schedule.

Please be aware that you monthly payment will change month to month.
Calculate your monthly payment:
(Days Your Child is Attending for the Calendar Month) x (Rate) = (Monthly Payment)


Each parent is given a tuition payment amount and calendar of due dates upon registration. If a card declines for a payment, the payment must be paid by the end of that week. If it not, attendance for your child will not be allowed. You can contact Delaney Harty at the phone number and email below to take care of declined payments or add a new credit card to your billing account.   

2020-2021 Tuition Dates

Dist. 122

Dist .123

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