Duke Mallard: The New Oak Lawn Park District Mascot

Duke's origin story begins as a lost egg at Wolfe Wildlife Refuge.  Seemore the Eagle (the Oak Lawn Park District original mascot) found him and took him under his wing (both literally and figuratively). Duke's love for Oak Lawn Park District started as a youngling as he grew up with his friends at Wolfe Wildlife and interacted with people that walked the trails. Upon his first flight, he saw the vast reach that Oak Lawn Park District had as he discovered other parks and facilities. He's seen everything from theatre plays (yes, a duck made its way into the theatre - what of it?), summer concerts, has sat on top of the library and watched all the summer movies (which has fueled his expertise in quoting movies), and has interacted with kids at all the various programs and summer camps. You may have even seen him catching some rays at Central Pool. 

All his time spent as a young duck has led him to this. He's met with our staff and convinced us that he is the duck for the job. His mission is to spread the fun across all of Oak Lawn. His time is now. He is our fun ambassador and his mission is to get everyone to Take Time for Fun. Are you ready?

Duke will be introduced this summer and will be visiting camps, programs, and events. Keep an eye out for him flying around and when you do see him, stop and take a picture with him! #DukeMallard

Fun Duke Mallard Facts:

Full Name: Duke Mallard Ph.D.

Alias: The Dashing Mallard 

Occupation: Fun Ambassador

Powers/Skills: [TOP SECRET]

Hobby: Ice skating, swimming, chillin' and playing video games.

Goals: Spread the word of fun programs and events of the Oak Lawn Park District

Family: Seemore (Guardian)

Friends: Seemore, his flock of ducks at Wolfe Wildlife

Enemies: Creek Coyote, people feeding him bread, that one turtle that just won't leave him alone, anyone that wakes him up
Type of Hero: Fun, Spirited, Lighthearted friendly neighborhood hero
Dislikes: Seeds, Cleaning


Favorite Color: Evergreen

Favorite Food: Scrambled Eggs, watermelon

Favorite Flower: Water Lily

Favorite Book: The Ugly Duckling

Favorite Movies: Chicken Little, the Mighty Ducks Trilogy

Favorite Show: Ducktales and Darkwing Duck

Favorite Facility/Park: Can’t decide, he likes them all

Favorite Songs: The Duck Song by Bryant Oden, Never Gonna to Give You Up by Rick Astley, anything by T-Swift

Favorite Drink: Water, Mountain Dew

Duke Mallard Official Release Video:


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