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Fun & Leisure After School Hours

Ridgeland School District 122, Oak Lawn Hometown School District 123 and the Oak Lawn Park District work together to provide a safe, recreational before and after School Program called FLASH. FLASH stands for, Fun & Leisure After School Hours. The FLASH program is administered and directed by the staff of the Oak Lawn Park District. The School District provides facilities for the program, as well as custodial services. All staff are hired, trained, and supervised by the Oak Lawn Park District. This program is offered to Kindergarten-5th Grade students that attend Ridgeland School District 122,  and Kindergarten - 8th Grade Oak Lawn Hometown School District 123 students. Any student attending Covington, Hannum, Hometown, Kolmar, Sward, OLHMS, Columbus Manor, Harnew, Kolb, and Lieb are eligible to participate in the FLASH program. Students at these schools will attend FLASH at the school in which they attend. Children will participate in a wide variety of activities while at the FLASH program. Children can play active games, participate in sports and fitness, create arts and craft projects, and enjoy passive activities such as cards, board games, and reading. Staff will also offer children the opportunity to work on their homework. A peanut free snack will be provided for all children in the afternoon. Parents are welcome to send their children with additional snacks in the morning or afternoon. The FLASH program is based on a choice system. This means that there are between two to five activities at a given time for children to choose between. We have found that by letting the child choose the activity they would like to participate in they gain a sense of independence. Children are NOT allowed to bring toys from home. FLASH provides each site with supplies for all to share. FLASH and the school are not responsible for any toys brought that are lost, since they are not allowed. Cell Phones are allowed, but are only to be used for emergencies. We will require the children to keep cell phones in their backpacks.


District 122

Columbus Manor
9700 South Mayfield
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

9101 South Meade Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

9620 South Normandy
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

9101 South Pembroke Ln
Bridgeview, IL 60455

District 123

9130 South 52nd Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
708 423-1530

9800 South Tripp
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
708 423-1690

8870 South Duffy Avenue
Hometown, IL 60456
708 423-7360

10425 S. Kolmar Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
708 422-1800

9830 South Brandt Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 423-7820


5345 West 99th Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 499-6400


Kindergarten through 8th Grade

FLASH is not able to use the school facilities during the school day and for this reason cannot provide a program during the regular school day for Kindergarteners. However, we are able to provide before care for AM half day Kindergarteners from 7:00AM until the start of school. Additionally, we are able to provide after care for PM Kindergarteners from school dismissal until 6:30PM.

FLASH is also offered through 8th grade at Oak Lawn Hometown School District 123.


1 Staff to 10 Children


District 123 Only
Oak Lawn Hometown School District 123 will host Late Start Days throughout the school year. School will begin 1 hour later than the normal time on these days. If a participant is registered for five days before school, the late start days are included in the program fee. If a child is registered for less than five days before school, then late start days are included only on the days that the child is scheduled to attend. There will be an additional fee for any parents wishing to add a late start day for their child. A peanut-free morning snack will be provided on Late Start Days. FLASH DOES NOT PROVIDE BREAKFAST.



If a participant is registered for five days of afternoon service, Early Dismissal Days will be included in the program fee. If a child is registered for less than five days in the afternoon, then early dismissal days are included only on the days that the child is scheduled to attend. Parents MUST inform FLASH if they will be utilizing the extended day by notifying the site director or calling the FLASH office at least 4 days prior to the early dismissal day. Children using extended services will remain at their school location and report to the assigned FLASH room following school dismissal. FLASH will NO LONGER BE PROVIDING LUNCH ON EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A SACK LUNCH ON THESE DAYS. We will provide an afternoon snack.



Field Trips
On most School Days Off FLASH will offer a full day program that will be housed in the Community Pavilion. On these days, we typically take the children on a field trip and spend the rest of the day at the Community Pavilion playing games and doing activities.

The program will be offered from 7:00 am-6:30 pm and the cost will be separate from the monthly tuition ($49 per day). Information regarding these days will be communicated in an informational email, from the FLASH staff at the school themselves, and on the Oak Lawn Park District website here.

FLASH Break Camps
During extended breaks from school FLASH will offer "Break Camps." These camps will be offered from 6:45AM-6:30PM, but we will offer more flexible schedule and price options. Break Camps will be offered during Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Summer Break Camp will run one week after the end of the school year. There is NO FLASH offered over the summer. Information regarding these days will be communicated in an informational email, from the FLASH staff at the school themselves, and on the Oak Lawn Park District website here.


Everyday we will encourage children to work on homework. Our staff will be on hand to assist children, if needed. While, we cannot guarantee that your child's homework will be completed everyday, we will always be on hand to motivate them
to do so.

Some schools offer a "Homework Club" for children to have a quiet place to do homework after school. For those parents concerned with having their child's homework completed after school, this is a great option. When children are released from the club they will be brought down to FLASH. Children participating in extra-curricular activities are not under the responsibility of FLASH until they are brought down to the program.


Each FLASH participant will receive a complimentary t-shirt upon registration. Children must wear their FLASH shirt when attending field trips (when specified) or they will not be permitted to attend the field trip. During FLASH Camp weeks, children will only be required to wear their FLASH t-shirts when leaving park district property. Extra t-shirts are available for purchase at the Community Pavilion through the FLASH office. Field trip participants that are not in the regular program will need to purchase a FLASH shirt for $10.


Daily Indoor and outdoor activities offer children endless ways to get exercise , socialize and have fun! We consistently try to introduce new games and activities for the children to keep them moving.


We provide healthy snacks to give kids the nutrients & energy they need to keep their bodies running strong & smart. Snack is served in the afternoon only. Parents are welcome to send children to the program with breakfast and additional snacks. All snacks are peanut-free.

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