• Announcement: The Oak Lawn Ice Arena will be closed starting Tuesday, June 25 for regularly scheduled maintenance and will re-open Monday, July 1. There will be no open skate, programs, or rentals during this time. Our front desk staff will be available for questions from 8:30 am-3:30 pm during the week. Thank you!


Here at the Oak Lawn Park District, we pride ourselves on offering some of the newest, and most innovative programming in the State. We're constantly striving to bring you the best of the best of the best.

This section of our site is where you can get specific information for some of our most popular programs.

Program Objectives:

Adult Athletics: To offer adults the opportunity to be active, participate in leagues with friends and experience camaraderie. We want our leagues to be competitive in nature, but enjoyable.

Adult Interests: To provide adults with the opportunity to continue to recreate and gain knowledge through educational, cultural, and art-based programs.

Aquatics: To teach swimming skills to patrons in a positive, happy, and safe environment by emphasizing logical skill progressions, water-safety awareness, endurance, and fun.

Dance: To offer participants the opportunity to learn the art of dance, gain confidence, have fun, be active, and make new friends.

Day Camps: To develop self-confident leaders through participation in new recreational activities and leisure experiences in a safe, positive, and friendly environment.

Dog Obedience: To educate and instruct participants how to properly train and care for their dogs so that those dogs grow up well-behaved and safe for both their families and community.

Fitness: To promote a healthy lifestyle for our community by providing participants with opportunities to improve their physical and mental health in a fun and social environment.

FLASH: To provide a safe, fun, and enriching environment through various recreational activities for children in a Before and After School program.

Golf: To create awareness of all the unique activities and services Stony Creek has to offer.

Gymnastics: To create a fitness experience for all participants and provide gymnastics skill development in a safe and fun environment for learning.

Ice Skating:  To offer a positive, fun and healthy environment for skaters of all ages and abilities to achieve a sense of personal accomplishment and life-long passion for skating.

Martial Arts: To provide martial arts programs that exemplify the core principals of all martial arts: technique, spirit, harmony, respect, discipline, physical fitness, social awareness, and execution of sport.

Preschool: To provide a balance of structured and unstructured activities, enhancing growth in the child’s independence while stimulating children mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially in a safe, positive and friendly environment.

Music and Drama: To offer participants of all ages the opportunity to learn, improve their skills, and gain confidence in a variety of musical art forms.

Pre-teen and Teen: To offer participants the opportunity to try new activities and recreate with their friends and peers in a fun, safe, and social environment.

Special Events: To provide members of the community with the opportunity to come together and participate in a family friendly recreational experience and to create awareness of the many park district opportunities.

Special Recreation: To offer programs for individuals with disabilities of all ages to boost socialization, maintain fitness goals, and assist with personal growth.

Tennis: To create a fitness experience that provides tennis skill development, lessons in tennis etiquette, and sportsmanship in a fun, challenging environment while emphasizing tennis is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Theatre: To provide an entertaining and professional theatre experience in an affordable, community setting.

Tot Athletics: To provide instructional programs where children can learn a variety of athletic skills in a fun, safe and structured environment.

Tot Interests: To provide a balance of structured and unstructured activities, enhancing growth in the child’s independence while stimulating children mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially in a safe positive and friendly environment.

Trips: To provide opportunities to explore different places and experience events while socializing in a fun, safe, relaxed environment.

Veteran Services: To provide veterans with disabilities a fitness-based program that will allow for growth within their personal goals as well as providing a social outlet to meet other local veterans.

Youth Athletics: To provide youth athletic instruction based on fundamentals and sportsmanship while participating in a fun and safe environment.

Youth Interests: To provide youth with the opportunity to grow their knowledge and skill sets through educational and cultural recreation in a fun, safe, and social environment.

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