We are excited to welcome you back to our facility.  We have been working hard to prepare for your return. Distancing and disinfecting are the priorities at Oak Lawn Park District.  Our plan will include the coaches, cleaning staff, participants, and parents to all do their part to make Pirouettes Gymnastics programs as safe as it can be. We need your help. Please review the responsibilities below before the first day of class.  Please know that even with the addition of all the protocols once the kids are on the gym floor, gymnastics (or tumbling or gym ninjas) and the skills, fun, and development will be our continued focus.                             


  • Review guidelines and responsibilities with your child.
  • Do NOT send your child to class if they or yourself are not feeling well or you think someone in your family may have been exposed to Covid-19. Everyone’s health is more important than any sport/activity. 
  • Drop off and pick up at the door of the Racquet, Fitness, & Gymnastics facility is strongly recommended for participants ages 6 & up during this phase of the recovery plan to reduce all patrons’ and staff's contact with others.  
  • Parents/guardians of participants ages 6 & up are NOT banned from entering the facility but if you feel more comfortable accompanying your child we ask that only ONE person enters the facility to help us limit the traffic.
  • Please do not drop your child off more than 5 minutes before their start time.
  • Parents of participants ages 3-5 years are required to enter the facility with their child for drop off but we ask that only ONE person per child enters the facility. 
  • Siblings will NOT be allowed to enter the facility at this time unless they are here for a program themselves.
  • Anyone entering the facility should use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before entry or upon entry.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility and the bathrooms for hand washing.
  • Patrons who are not participating in our activities wear masks at all times while in the facility.
  • Participants wear masks while arriving/departing in the facility but when not exercising. Masks can be removed by participants when they reach their activity area.
  • Parents should refrain from gathering in groups while in lobby/entryways. 
  • Registration or reservations are required before participants are admitted to the activity areas.
  • Doors into facility and bathrooms have been propped open to reduce touch point surfaces.



  • We ask that each participant be dress appropriately and ready for class, entering the facility wearing their mask and shoes. It is recommended that participants registered for a class longer than 1.25 hours bring a filled water bottle.
  • Participants ages 6 & up will use the cubby holes to place their masks, shoes, and water bottle while they are in class. 
  • Parents/guardians of participants’ ages 3-5 are asked to hold on to their child’s belongings during class time. Please don’t use the cubbies.


  • Participant safety is paramount, and coaches will not be restricted from spotting an athlete if necessary, to protect the participant from injury.  
  • Spotting remains an important element to participant safety; we will use alternative teaching/coaching methods that align with social distancing protocols. 
  • Participants have been absent from gymnastics since mid-March so the focus of their training/class time will be developing strength and many repetitions of basics to rebuild their skill set as well as confidence.  As a result, spotting will be minimal.


  • Touchpoints throughout the facility will be cleaned every 2 hours as recommended.
  • Staff will be wearing masks when in common areas of the facility and will complete a daily wellness check before their shift. Staff will teach class following 6’ social distancing guidelines.
  • Gymnastics Safety Attendant- staff member has been added to disinfect mats, provide information, and record class attendance.
  • Touchless bottle fillers will be available; drinking fountain features have been disabled.
  • The gym facility and class lesson plans have been reconfigured/redesigned to promote social distancing with students and staff. 
  • Athletes will be expected to sanitize their hands before they enter the facility. If they touch their face they will be asked to re-sanitize. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility and the bathrooms for hand washing.
  • Gymnasts will each have their own set of mats/equipment when possible and it will be cleaned after class use. 
  • Gymnastics facility will receive an overall cleaning and disinfection daily with the same EPA approved disinfectants that we have used for daily cleaning for years.
  • We have staggered start times of classes to limit traffic within the building and to allow for staff to clean between classes. 
  • Attendance will be recorded. 
  • Viewing of our classes is limited by 6’ distancing if no space is available parents should move to a different area where they can abide by the 6’ social distancing guidelines.
  • At this time we have suspended open gyms, Kids Night Out, parties, and special events.
  • Chalk is now considered a piece of personal equipment for each gymnast. It is available for purchase at the front desk. Chalk is not a necessary piece of equipment until a gymnast reaches a high level of gymnastics.  Gymnasts will be instructed when they reach that level.
  • Facility upgrades: touchless towel dispensers/ hand dryers, automatic shut off faucets, and increased numbers of sanitation stations and have added disinfecting stations for cleaning of equipment. 
  • Follow USA Gymnastics and US Tennis Association guidelines for reopening.
  • Follow Federal, State, and local CDC recommended reopening guidelines. 
  • Youth Sports Guidelines link for your reference

  • Please provide feedback and let us know about your questions and concerns. We are also learning and will assess and make changes as needed.


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